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email:               address: 500 N. Fourth St. Hayti, MO 63851         

web page:         phone :  (573) 359-6500 ext 1217

Tutoring: I will be available after school and before school. Those days and hours will always be posted near my door. I am available at other times by appointment.   Please, just ask for my help! (BEFORE THE QUIZZES!)


7:35 - 8:25

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Algebra 1

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Follow the HHS Handbook at all times. It is not optional and will be inforced!

Your handbook covers these and many other items. You should read it completely!

Complete all instructions and assignments to the best of your ability.

All classwork and homework should include the following at the very top of the paper.

page number

Much of your work will be completed in class. In Geometry and Algebra 1 homework will be assigned every Wednesday, and collected on the next Wednesday. Analysis and Algebra II learners should expect homework more often! Make-up work and late homework needs to be completed quickly as delineated in handbook.

Ask a question when you don't understand.      (Before, not during the test.)

Come prepared.   Always bring textbook, notebook, paper, assignment, and pencil or pen.
Bringing your BRAIN might also be very helpful!

Be in your seat, silent, and begin working as the tardy bell rings.

Remain seated, quiet, and pay attention.

Raise your hand if you need to speak.

Leaving Class: You are expected to remain in class except for an occasional and rare emergency. Go to the restroom between periods. If another teacher needs you during my classtime it must be approved by the principal. Students who miss class for any reason are responsible for all missed work.

Grading Scale

Analysis: Test count 75% and work counts 25% Weighted scale on page 7.
Algebra 2: Test count 70% and work counts 30% Weighted scale on page 7.
Geometry: Test count 65% and work counts 35% Regular scale on page 7.
Algebra 1: Test count 65% and work counts 35% Regular scale on page 7.

Tutoring: My tutoring hours will be listed near my door, and my teaching website contains a video or two for every high school objective.

Learning mathematics can be difficult.
Take John's Advice.
Don't ever quit! Keep trying!

Finally, Act like mature learners and not like:


































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